Get Ghosted by this Classic Halloween Candy Craft

My mom has been making ghost suckers for Halloween since I was a little girl in the 1970s. She hands them out to trick-or-treaters in little goody bags with other fun candy and trinkets. These spooky-cute lollipops are a quick and frugal craft. You can fill a haunted house with them in no time at all!

Use them for:

  • Halloween party favors
  • Candy for trick-or-treaters
  • Halloween treats for kids, classrooms, neighbors
  • Boo bags



  • Round lollipops (Tootsie Roll pops work best)
  • Flat (rectangular) box of Kleenex
  • Black rug yarn
  • Black cardstock
  • Craft glue
  • Standard size hole punch
  • Scissors


  1. Open the side of the Kleenex box and slide out a stack of tissues. Choose Kleenexes that are smooth and not wrinkled or crushed.
  2. Lay the lollipop in the center of the tissue. Fold the top point of the tissue down to the bottom point and gather the tissue around the base of the lollipop.
  3. Tie an 11 inch piece of yarn around the ghost’s neck in a bow.
  4. Use a hole punch to punch three circles from black cardstock to use for the ghost’s eyes and mouth.
  5. Dip a toothpick into a puddle of glue (you can pour some out into a small bowl) and dot it onto the black circles, then position them onto the ghost’s head.

That’s it! Isn’t that easy? If you are making several ghost suckers, working in an assembly line fashion is most efficient. First cut all your pieces of yarn, then cover all the suckers in Kleenex and tie bows. Next punch a pile of circles. Last, glue the circles to the Kleenex.

This craft costs next to nothing to make, and your supplies will last for several years.

These never get old! They’re one of my mom’s Halloween traditions I look forward to every year. My friend Rebecca is a big fan of them and I love that she gets as excited about them as I do!

What are some of your favorite Halloween traditions or Halloween DIYs you’ve tried? Tell me about them in the comments below.


  1. Marilee | 26th Oct 17

    Toostie Roll Pops work better than Dum Dums for this project. I still enjoy making the ghost suckers and watching the little faces of the trick or treaters light up when I pass then out. So fun! So quick! So Halloween! We ❤️ 👻 Suckers! 👻👻👻

    • Denise Breimeir | 26th Oct 17

      Ooh that’s right! I’ll update the post with that recommendation on the type of suckers. Think of all the hundreds of kids you’ve delighted with your ghost suckers throughout the years!

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