Greetings Gnomies!

Hi, hey, hello! Today I’m launching Gnome Décor and I hope you’ll take a peek around the site.

This is a blog about crafts, easy home and seasonal décor, fairy gardens, interesting places, and more.  I’ll be sharing handmade cards, crafts, and fairy garden inspiration and have more ideas in store.  I’d love for you to leave me some feedback on what you’d like to see more of by leaving a comment.

If you would like to receive an email newsletter, sign up using the Subscribe form.   You’ll be the first to know when new features are rolled out, like the online shop.  Also be sure to follow Gnome Decor on Instagram to be notified of the giveaways I’ll be having throughout fall to celebrate the site’s launch!


  1. Sam Maracic | 3rd Oct 17

    Congrats on this beautiful launch! Your site looks great, can’t wait to read!

    • Denise Breimeir | 3rd Oct 17

      Thanks so much, Sam!

  2. Marilee | 4th Oct 17

    Love, Love your new blog!!! So fun to read!

    • Denise Breimeir | 4th Oct 17

      Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader. 😀💕

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